The more successful you get, the more you are going to feel you need to hustle.

You’ll feel the need to keep moving and it’ll seem like if you stop, all of the pieces will fall apart. Unfortunately, that can end up being your downfall.

If you move just to keep moving, you can end up in the wrong place in life.

After a while, other areas in your life will start falling apart: especially your health. And without that, what’s the point of all the work?

That’s why it’s important to find that balance in your life. Find the time to hustle for yourself and for the ones you love. All of that is just as important for an entrepreneur as their business.

On this episode of 5 Minute Friday, I’ve decided to bring you back this clip from Ryan Holmes.

If you aren’t familiar with Ryan, he’s the founder and CEO of Hootsuite.

He let his life get out of balance and fell into some serious health issues that turned his life upside down.