Highly motivated and energized founders and entrepreneurs (like Parachut).

Current and prospective startups. (Candidates for Greer & Co., needing space, angel funding, incubation, go to market strategies, etc.)

Growth organizations looking to achieve new tiers of success. (Skipio)

Strongly equipped one-person authors and businesses (like Jane Ann Craig, Jane Barlow Christensen, Benjamin Hardy, Scott Duffy) 

Investors looking for innovations to guide and support.

Service provider category experts (SnappConner, Fox Business Services, RE experts, etc.)

Speaker/presenter category experts (Foreign government officials, Mitt Romney, Hatch, John Curtis, Jason Chavetz, Sean Reyes, etc.)

High level entrepreneurial connectors and philanthropists (Tim Charlwood clients like the founders of Life is Good, founder of Southwest, of Jet Blue, etc.)


Randy Garn is the man behind the brands who excels in turning relationships into revenue for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Beyond his role as a serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Harvard Business alumnus, Randy Garn is most comfortable away from the spotlight.

With an unmatched network of connections and the experience to help any business execute on any level of plan, Garn provides the events, the education and the connections to help emerging leaders and businesses to achieve their wildest ideas and dreams.